3 Times To Hire HR Support Services

If you run a small business or want to keep your payroll costs lean, then you might not have set up an HR team yet. You aren't ready to hire your own human resource specialists. However, this doesn't mean that you don't have access to HR assistance. You can partner with an HR outsourcing company and use their support services.

When might you need this extra help?

1. You Have Hiring Problems

Even if you have experience in hiring staff, this isn't always an easy process. There are times when you will need additional help. For example, if you can't spare time to run a recruitment campaign, then you'll be left short-staffed. You might not be able to find the right candidates for some jobs. Or, you might need to make multiple hires fast because you need help now.

An HR support company can help you manage your recruitment processes when you need extra help. They can help you set up job descriptions, run interviews, select and administer tests, and shortlist suitable candidates. You get extra help when you need it, and your recruitment processes will run more smoothly.

2. You Need to Make Layoffs

If your company isn't doing well, then you might need to lay off some of your workers. This is a difficult time that can be made worse if you haven't had to do this before. You have to meet a range of legal obligations when you lay off people. You have to make sure that you meet any conditions relevant to your company, its current situation, and the people you need to let go. You have to treat your people fairly. If you don't follow the letter of the law here, then there will be repercussions. You might have to pay back pay and compensation for benefits. You might have to deal with lawsuits.

An HR support specialist can help you manage this process. They will tell you exactly what you have to do to meet your legal obligations so that you don't make costly errors.

3. You Lose Too Many Employees to Competitors 

It's not unusual to lose employees to competitive companies occasionally. However, if this happens a lot, then you should assess why people leave your company. Your competitors might be paying them more or giving them a better benefits package.

An HR support company can run a market analysis of your salaries and benefits. They can compare what you offer with other companies in your sector. If you can make improvements to retain your current staff and attract new ones, then they can help you design a better package.

To find out more, contact a local HR support company, such as My Mail Center.

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