4 Situations When a Business Owner May Need a Refrigerated Trailer

Access to refrigerated trailers makes it possible to transport fresh and perishable goods across the country. However, these trailers can also be valuable to everyday business owners during certain situations. Take a look at some of the situations when a business owner may need a refrigerated trailer.  

A Restaurant Hosts a Large Event 

Large hosting events can require a restaurant to wholly reconfigure how they prepare and serve food. Having enough ingredients on hand is a major part of the process. Unfortunately, few establishments have spacious enough on-site coolers to house fresh ingredients during a major service event. For example, if the restaurant is catering to a large wedding party or business function, it may need more ingredients than usual. Therefore, renting a refrigerated trailer can be a logical option. 

A Grocery Store Has Commercial Coolers Replaced 

When a cooler or freezer goes down, grocery stores can face drastic, costly, product losses. Therefore, it is important to make sure these commercial coolers are replaced in a timely manner when they are nearing the end of their lifespans. Ordering a refrigerated trailer ensures the store has a place to store inventory while the repairs are being performed so they can continue to serve customers as they normally would. 

A Food Truck Offers Service at a Large Event 

Food trucks and pop-up eateries are a common component at large events like fairs and festivals. While food trucks may have the capacity to house some ingredients, most do not have space to house a lot of ingredients when the business is catering to a large crowd. Therefore, renting a refrigerated trailer to take to the event along with the food truck can be a logical investment. With access to portable cold storage, the food truck can serve customers for long hours or several days instead of just a few hours. 

A Florist Needs Extra Space for a Holiday 

When holidays like Valentine's Day roll around, some florists sell thousands of flowers. While not all flowers have to be kept in a cooler, they do have to be kept in a climate-controlled location in order to stay fresh. Because florists have to have a lot of flower stock on hand during major holidays, it is not uncommon for them to need additional storage capacity. Refrigerated trailers offer this capability and the trailer itself can be adjusted to provide the ideal holding temperature to keep the flowers alive. 

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