Opting for a Vintage Watch

A quality watch can be an important accessory for your look, and it can also be a useful tool for quickly seeing the time. Many individuals will have a preference for vintage watches, and while this can offer a distinctive look, there are some additional considerations that will need to be assessed when buying a vintage watch over a new one.

Determine Whether the Band Can Be Restored

The band that the watch uses to stay on your wrist will be one of the parts of a watch that will experience the most wear and tear. Not surprisingly, this can lead to vintage watches often having bands that are significantly degraded. Depending on the type of band that the watch is using and the amount of wear that it has experienced, it may be possible to restore the original band rather than replace it. While this may not seem like an important detail, a band that has suffered extensive wear may be more likely to fail while you are wearing the watch.

Know Whether the Watch Was Restored Prior to Being Listed for Sale

A vintage watch will be an extremely complex mechanical device. As a result, it can be useful to know whether a watch was recently restored before you buy it. In situations where the watch was not recently restored, it might be necessary to invest in having it professionally restored soon after you buy it. Depending on the amount of wear the watch has suffered, this restoration work may not be as costly or time-consuming as you may assume, and it will result in you having a vintage watch that will work as well as when it was originally manufactured.

Invest in a Case for Storing the Watch When You Are Not Using It

Improper storage is a common mistake that people will make with their high-quality watches. Whenever you are not actively wearing the watch, it should be kept in a suitable storage case. Failing to do this can increase the risk of the faceplate of the watch becoming scratched or cracked, and it can also increase the strain on the band of the watch. While leather bands can be especially susceptible to being warped or otherwise damaged by improper storage, watches with metal bands can also be vulnerable to experiencing these problems. Fortunately, most watch retailers will also sell storage cases, which can make it easy to find one that will fit your watch.

There are many reasons to consider buying a vintage Accutron watch. Talk to a local shop to learn more.

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