Do You Have To Check In With Your Bail Bond Agent?

If you are out on bail for the first time or plan to be out on bail, you may have a lot of questions about the expectations placed on you. While you have to meet a variety of stipulations when you are out on bail, you may not know if you have to check in with your bail bond agent.

Here's what you need to know.

You May Be Asked to Check In Physically

A bail bond agent may request that you come to the office after you get out of jail. This provides you with the opportunity to clear up all the information you need to make good decisions that help you stay out of jail. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the expectations placed on you.

Ultimately, physical check-ins ensure that you intend to show up to your criminal court hearings. It shows that you are in the area and that you do not intend to skip town. You may be asked to check in once per week or even more frequently.

You May Be Asked to Check In Via Phone

In some cases, the bail bond agent just wants to make sure that you can be reached when necessary. You might be deemed a low-risk defendant, so the bail bond agent does not need to see you in person. When you call, you may not even be required to speak to a person. You simply have to leave a voice message to show that you are intent on fulfilling your obligations.

You May Be Asked to Check In Online

If you are facing very little jail time or you are deemed to have very low risk, you could be asked to check in via email or a website. This allows you to simply type a brief message or fill out a quick form to show the bail bond agent that you are taking your obligations seriously.

You May Be Required to Have GPS Monitoring

In rare cases, the court may require you to wear a GPS monitoring device. This might mean you don't need to check in with the bail bond professional because your coordinates are monitored closely.

Contact Your Bail Bond Agent

A bail bond agent can answer your questions about whether or not you need to check in. Regardless of what you are being charged with, you need to make sure that you meet all the requirements to remain in good standing. Call your bail bond agent today to learn more.

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