3 Vacuum Cleaner Parts You May Have To Replace

Regular vacuuming is the only way to extend the life of your carpet. Dirt, debris, and other contaminants can get ground down into the fibers of your carpet over time. Only a quality vacuum cleaner has the suction capability required to remove deep-rooted dirt and fluff carpet fibers so they look and feel new once again.

The cost of a good vacuum cleaner is on the rise. Instead of thinking you have to invest in an entirely new machine when your existing vacuum starts to act up, opt to invest in these replacement parts instead.

1. Brush Roll

The brush roll is one vacuum part that can give homeowners trouble when it comes to cleaning their carpet.

A brush roll is designed to rotate, combing a set of bristles through your carpet fibers with each pass of the vacuum. These bristles help to loosen dirt and debris. Unfortunately, the rotating action of the brush roll can create problems.

Threads, hair, and other items can become entangled around the brush roll. If your brush roll is too encased with debris to rotate properly, it's time to invest in a replacement for your vacuum cleaner.

2. Power Cord

Most vacuum cleaners must be plugged into an electrical outlet to function properly. The power cord connecting your vacuum to an electrical source can sustain serious damage over time. You might run over the power cord with your vacuum and cause damage. The plug could get bent. The wiring within the power cord could become exposed and start to fray.

Vacuum manufacturers sell replacement power cords so that you can simply swap out the damaged cord for a new one. Replacing a damaged power cord will protect you against electrical shock while ensuring your vacuum receives the energy needed to clean your home properly.

3. Belt

A galvanized rubber belt is installed in many vacuum cleaners. The belt helps drive the brush roll so that it can perform properly. In the event that the belt breaks, your vacuum will no longer pick up dirt and debris from your carpeted areas.

The first indication of a compromised belt is a burning smell coming from your vacuum cleaner when it is in use. A damaged belt can cause the vacuum to overheat, which could potentially damage the motor or other components. The burning smell intensifies as the internal temperature of the vacuum continues to rise.

Replacement belts can be ordered from the manufacturer and installed in a matter of minutes. Talk to a vacuum supplier to get replacement parts, including Hoover vacuum parts.

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