How Often Should Your Office Be Deep Cleaned? Some Answers

The importance of thorough cleaning practices has never been more clear for companies of all sizes and types. As you work to keep your employees and customers healthy and free of exposure to COVID-19, one question you'll need to answer is how often to engage in deep cleaning. To help guide you to the right decisions, here are a few questions to answer.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

Every business should have regular and thorough standard office cleanings, especially during the pandemic. But a deep cleaning goes beyond this. Standard cleanings involve more casual tools of the trade, such as rags and vacuums along with all-purpose cleaners (and some specialty ones). This is easy to accomplish and generally doesn't need special skills. 

Deep cleaning, though, generally calls for getting dedicated tools, moving furnishings, and performing periodic maintenance tasks. It would include things like upholstery cleaning and carpet or tile deep cleans as well as moving furniture to get to hidden places, replacing air filters, and sanitizing items.

Deep cleaning generally needs more time and should be arranged well in advance so as to allow enough time for the proper work to be done. 

What Factors Should Guide a Deep Cleaning Schedule?

If you haven't had a deep cleaning done recently, how often should you schedule this service? The answer varies depending on your situation. Consider these factors.

Has your office experienced a confirmed or likely exposure to COVID-19? If so, you may need to shut down all operations until the entire space can be deeply cleaned and sanitized. Some experts also recommend allowing a period of time to pass before the cleaning in order to minimize exposure to live virus and liquid droplets. 

If the office has significant foot traffic, it will need cleaned more often than an office with minimal personnel. This is particularly the case of much of that foot traffic is from many different people—vendors, large amounts of employees, delivery personnel, and customers—rather than a more controlled group. 

In addition, the things in the office might call for more frequent cleanings. A space with carpets, clutter, and plenty of upholstery can trap and hold germs and bacteria more easily than one with hard surfaces, like tile or wood, that can be sanitized with less work. 

Where Can You Find More Help?

Want help finding the right schedule for your particular office space? Make an appointment to consult with a deep cleaning service in your area today. By protecting the health and safety of everyone in your office, you will help ensure that your business weathers this crisis and comes out stronger.

For more information about COVID-19 deep cleaning, contact a cleaning company in your area.

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