Safely Storing Your Musical Instruments

For individuals who enjoy playing musical instruments, it can be easy to start to accumulate these instruments. Often, individuals will accumulate these instruments as a result of upgrading over the years. However, this can result in these instruments taking up a sizable amount of space in the home. To free up this space without having to get rid of the instrument collection, they can be placed in a storage unit.

Prepare The Instruments Before Storing Them

Before you put the instruments into storage, it is wise to take the time to prepare them. This can reduce the risk of them suffering wear or other issues while being stored.

In most cases, this preparation will involve little more than thoroughly cleaning the instrument and removing the strings from it. While this might not seem like an important step, dust that is on the instrument can get wedged into spaces where it can impact the sounds that it makes.

Choose The Appropriate Size And Type Of Storage Unit For Your Instruments

An instrument will need to be kept in a fairly strict temperature and humidity range if it is to avoid suffering various types of damage. Furthermore, it is important to avoid stacking other items on the cases that are holding your instruments, as this could also lead to considerable damage.

Due to these concerns, you should make sure that you are renting a storage unit that has enough space to comfortably accommodate the musical instruments, and this space should have a climate control system so that you can protect the instruments against humidity and heat damage.

Cover The Instruments Once They Are In The Unit

After placing the musical instruments in the storage unit, covering them with a protective cloth can be an extremely beneficial step. When you place the cloth over the instruments, it will stop dust from getting on the instruments and causing problems.

Individuals may assume that they do not need to take this step if the instrument is in a protective case, but it can still be possible for dust to get on the case and be transferred to the instrument when you open it.

When choosing a cloth, using a thin cotton sheet can allow you to keep dust off without allowing condensation to become trapped.

Plan To Tune The Instruments Before Using Them Again

Upon removing the instruments from storage, they will need to be tuned before you can play them again. Some individuals may not realize this, which can lead to playing difficulties later.

For guitars and other instruments that are easy to tune, this may not be a major problem. However, it can be extremely impactful for those that are storing pianos or other difficult-to-tune instruments.

For more information, contact a self-storage rental facility in your area.

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