What Do You Want To Track? Using GPS Data Loggers In Your Business

GPS data loggers are very different from GPS trackers. The former tracks, but it logs after the fact. The latter tracks in real time on a screen in your office. Depending on what your intentions of use are, you could use one or the other, or both. What is it you need to track and why? To make a choice on these matters, here are some examples of what and why you would employ these devices for your business. 

Bike Couriers Making Side Trips

Because bike couriers are able to zip in and out of traffic and around people on sidewalks, they should be getting their deliveries to their locations on time. If and when they are not making timely deliveries, it is important to find out why. If they are making side trips for other things that were not cleared with you, you want to know. A GPS tracker will locate the courier or messenger in real time, but the logger will alert you to how often this particular employee is making diversionary excursions and at what times of day he/she is doing this. If it is habit and a major problem, you may need to put the employee on a different delivery route to see if that makes it better or if there is still a problem with this employee. 

Tracking Taxis

If you operate a taxi company, you want to know if your drivers are pocketing some of the money from the fares rather than turning everything in at the office after their shifts. The best way to do that is to use a GPS data logger, which is easily mounted under the dash or a wheel well. After each shift and each day, you can reconcile the money and fares with the data you have from the data logger about where each driver went and for how long. It ends all arguments that there should be more money in a collection envelope or account than there is, and helps you find those who may be dipping into company funds. 

Logging Shipping Crates

Attach a data logger to a shipping crate, and guess what happens? You can open the application and watch where the shipment goes by ocean freighter every day. Each day, new data is logged in from the previous day. You can see how far the freighter went, and where it made stops for more pick-ups along the way. You can also see how long it takes to ship a shipping container of goods, and whether or not you should be concerned by delays in a port. 

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