Buying A Heavy-Duty Toolbox? These Features Will Make Your Life Easier

If you're buying a heavy-duty toolbox designed for use by mechanics, you don't necessarily have to be a mechanic. Many people, from hobbyists to craft enthusiasts can benefit from large, rugged toolboxes in which they can store their items. When you begin to shop for this storage solution, you're apt to be surprised at how many different sizes, shapes, and features are available. While your budget may partially dictate what you buy, don't shy away from carefully evaluating the different features that are present in some toolboxes. Here are three features, in particular, that can make your life easier.

Workbench Top

Many toolboxes have tops that open, but this isn't always the case. Others have workbench-style tops, sometimes made out of plastic or heavy rubber, that provides you with a work surface regardless of where you are. In tight environments where it's impossible to have a large toolbox and a proper workbench, the top of your toolbox can actually serve as your workbench. If you enjoy moving your toolbox from location to location around your garage or another workspace, being able to always have a flat surface on which to work can make your life easier.


You'll find that lots of heavy toolboxes are equipped with wheels, but as you begin to evaluate the wheels on different models, you'll quickly notice that they can range considerably. Some wheels are small casters, while others are larger and equipped with better bearings to allow them to rotate with more ease. Try to think about how you'll be using your new toolbox. Wheels might not seem very important if you're going to set the toolbox up in one location and leave it there, but if you envision working in different locations, high-quality wheels are a feature that you'll need.

Different Drawer Sizes

Some toolboxes' drawers are all the same size. In other models, there are a variety of different sizes — usually with the smaller drawers located at the top of the toolbox and the larger, deeper drawers located toward the bottom of the unit. For many people, having a variety of drawer sizes can be appealing. For example, if you have larger tools that require storage, placing them in the larger drawers makes sense. However, if you have smaller tools and accessories that you want to be able to access more easily, keeping them in smaller drawers will make your life easier.

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