Situations Where You Must Hire Structural Inspection Services

Structural inspection services are an important part of constructing a building and buying and selling one. You will also need a structural inspection if your home has sustained a lot of damage. Structural inspection services are able to determine if a building is structurally sound and there are several situations where you must hire structural inspection services.

Have Your Home Inspected After a Flood or Natural Disaster

If your home has experienced flooding or a natural disaster, you will want to hire structural inspection services. Even if your home has been repaired cosmetically, there will likely be damage that you cannot see. Your home insurance provider will not necessarily inspect your home for damage because they are not obliged to perform an inspection for unseen damage. 

Beware of Excessive Movement

You may notice movement in your home. Your home just won't seem like it's usual self. The floors won't be even. Your foundation might start to crumble underneath your house. You might notice doors that don't close properly and windows that won't shut all the way. You will want to hire structural inspection services as soon as possible because the longer that this problem goes on, the more damage that it will do to your house. While some settling is expected in a house, excessive settling is a major problem.

Have an Inspection When Buying or Selling a Home

If you don't even own a house, you will want to hire structural inspection services when building or buying a home. You do not want to invest a considerable amount in a property that is faulty. Whatever you spend on structural inspection services is much less than what you will spend if you purchase a home with major structural problems. If the inspection does show a problem, you may be able to negotiate to have much of the cost taken off of the home. 

When you are selling a house in a competitive market, one way to give yourself the edge is to offer to have your home receive a professional inspection, such as from Donofrio & Associates. While you might believe that your home is perfectly structurally sound, the buyer doesn't know that and will be more willing to purchase your home if you have it inspected for structural soundness from the get go. If structural inspection services report that your home is structurally sound, but this turns out not to be true, they will be held liable for any damages. 


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