3 Ways to Use an Air Compressor for Home Maintenance

When it comes time to do maintenance in the home, you want to ensure you have the best tools for the job. One thing that can make your job easier is an air compressor, which uses pressurized air to power various tools and processes. Here are three things an air compressor can help with at your home.


Whether you need to paint an entire room or just touch up one wall, a spray paint gun powered by an air compressor can make the process go much easier and produce better results. You can apply the paint more evenly with a spray gun as well as add fine details, and the tool is a good option for creating artwork like murals.

The good thing about spray paint devices is they don't need a lot of compressed air to work. According to one source, most work just fine with 10 PSI, which can save you money by letting your purchase or rent a smaller machine.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is you'll want to use oil-based paints with sprayers because they're less likely to cause clogs. However, other types of paint may work if you add a little thinner to make them smooth enough to flow freely through the line.

Pressure Washing

Cleaning the exterior of your home or your driveway can be both time and energy consuming if you use a regular tools such as a deck brush. However, you can make things go a lot faster if you use a pressure washer. Instead of renting an expensive pressure washing machine, though, you can make your own using an air compressor. The air compressor will increase how fast and hard water comes out of the nozzle, which can make it easier to remove stubborn spots and ground in dirt. If you use an adjustable nozzle, you can even get in tight spaces that can't be accessed by brushes or similar tools.

Be aware, though, you must purchase a special pressure washer attachment to use with the air compressor, as a regular hose nozzle won't work as well (or at all). Additionally, be careful where you use the machine. Remember, the water will be highly pressurized and can cause property damage or injury if used incorrectly. Don't point at animals or people, and only use the machine to clean surfaces made using sturdy materials such as driveways, siding, and the roof.

Do-It-Yourself Repairs and Renovation

If you prefer making home repairs yourself or plan on completing several do-it-yourself home renovation projects, a pneumatic nail gun can come in handy. Nail guns use high pressure from an air compressor to drive nails into materials, which can vastly speed up how fast you fix or put up structures. For instance, you can nail together a bookshelf within minutes and with little risk of hitting yourself in the hand with a hammer.

The nice thing about using an air compressor for this task is you can attach multiple nail guns to one machine, which lets more people work on the same project. Just be sure you get an air compressor with a high enough CFM to meet your needs. For instance, a framing nail gun requires 2.2 CFMs to function properly. Therefore, to ensure there's enough air for two guns, you'll need to get a compressor that provides at least 5 CFMs of air.

Additionally, nail guns are dangerous tools. Be sure to take the proper safety precautions when using them to avoid serious, or even fatal, injuries.

There are many more ways an air compressor can help you with your home maintenance. Contact a local rental company like Wirtz Rentals CO for more information about these machines and assistance with picking out the best one for you.

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