Secrets For Making Needle Felting Easier

Needle felting can be an intimidating activity to get involved in. It is easy to accidentally poke yourself. Even if you have been needle felting for years, you may want to look for ways to make felting easier. Here are some of the best ways to improve your needle felting experience.

Be Careful With 3D Projects

Be careful when felting 3D objects. You are much more likely to poke a finger when doing so. If you are inexperienced with felting, you may want to start with 2D projects.

Poke In A Straight Line

Always poke your needle in a straight line. Otherwise, there is a greater risk that you will break it. Do not jitter the needle from side to side.

Change Needles Regularly

Do not use the same needle for too long because the needle will wear off over time and will have less of a felting effect. Then, you will need to replace the old felting needle with a new one. Felting with the same needle over a long period of time can cause it to become very hot and cause the notches to disappear more quickly.

Use Firm Wool

The wool needs to be firm so that it is easier to work with. One way to make the wool firmer is to roll the wool in the palm of your hands so that it is in the shape of a snake.

Place Wool On A Sheet

Smoothing out bumps later out in the process can be a pain. One way to make the process less annoying is to place the wool on a smooth sheet.

Use Upholstery Foam

Purchase some upholstery foam as a way to save money. Choose a thick piece so that you do not have to lean in so much, which will make the felting process more convenient.

Start With A Small Piece Of Wool

In some cases, it can be difficult to predict how much wool you will need. If so, you should start with a small piece of wool and wrap thicker pieces of wool over it until you have achieved the desired size.

Turn A Pen Into A Felt Needle Holder

Holding felting needles can be very uncomfortable without a felting needle holder. One way to make your job easier and more enjoyable is to place the felting needle inside a pen. Simply remove the guts from the pen and a felting needle will conveniently fit inside. Then, fill the rest of the needle with wool. 

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