Want To Add Some Water Features To Your Backyard This Summer? Install A Pond

If you want to make some changes to your backyard adding water features is a good choice. It can be relaxing sitting on a patio hearing the water. You have many options when it comes to water features, with one being installing a pond. Below is some more information about this to help you get started.


A pond can be installed in your backyard and you can then put fish in it. This is a very interesting water features and kids will especially enjoy it. You can hire a professional to install a pond for you or you can install one yourself, if you prefer.

Before you get started, plan where you are going to put the pond. You have to make sure you do not dig near gas and electric lines, and you want to keep it away from mature trees as the roots can damage the pipes. The plants and fish also need sunlight and a large tree will block this. You need to place the pump where it has access to electricity as you will have to plug in the pump.

Place the pond in an area where you can enjoy it while outside, such as near a patio. You may also want to consider being able to see the pond from a window while you are inside.

Pond Liner

The pond liner is also another option you have to consider. There are many types you can choose including:

  • PVC liners: These pond liners are flexible and inexpensive. You can purchase the material at most hardware stores and they are available in a variety of thicknesses and widths. You do have to make sure the liner is safe for your fish, as some PVC liners have plastics that may be bad for them. If you are not sure, contact a pond installer contractor to help you.
  • EPDM liners: EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is safe for fish. It is made of rubber so it is flexible. It is very thick, however, so it may be difficult for you to fold it when you are placing into the cavity.
  • Butyl liners: These liners are also made from a synthetic rubber. It is a flexible material and easy to fold so you will not have a hard time fitting it into the cavity no matter what shape it is. This liner will not be toxic to your fish.

When you are finished with your pond, add some water features to it to make it more interesting. These features will not harm your fish and there are many types to choose from, such as a floating fountain.

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