Three Ways To Combat Employee Theft At Your Nightclub

If you run a nightclub and you feel that your employees are possibly stealing from you, then you need to do something about it. Instead of letting money bleed out of your business and simply getting all steamed up, you should be proactive and do something about it. Here are three things to do.

Bottle Pour Control Devices

Your bartenders might not be so blatant as to steal money right out of the register, but they might pour extra drinks in hope of getting big tips. It's not unusual for a bartender to pour a little extra or do a "buy back" for someone who has been drinking all night, but if they are doing it overly aggressively in an attempt to steal money from your business (pouring a round of shots for every table for free in hope of getting a big tip, for instance), then you need to stop it.

One way to do this is to buy bottle control devices. These are small electronic devices that fit over the bottle and record each pour and limit the amount of liquor that is poured . This way you can tell just how many pours from that bottle of vodka have been served that night and check to see if the receipts match up. The bartender will be less likely to go crazy with free drinks if they know that the manager will be checking the bottle against the receipts at the end of the night.

Cameras At The Door And Two Doormen

Another way that the staff might be able to steal is by pocketing the cover charge. If your club gets super packed, and there is no way to keep track of just how many people are inside at a given time, then the doormen might be tempted to picket a few covers. You could try and post two different doormen on the door, but they could end up in cahoots. A better method is to install cameras and also hand one of the doormen a clicker counter. Have one doorman count the entries, and have the other collect the cover, all while on camera. The camera will also serve as protection in the event that there is some sort of physical altercation with the bouncers as they are removing someone. You can use the footage later when the police arrive on the scene.

Utilize An Employee Screening Service When Hiring Staff

Finally, you are best protected by hiring people who don't have a history of theft. So, when you are looking for doormen, bouncers, waitstaff, and bartenders, it's important to screen them for any prior criminal history. The best way to do this is to consult with a firm that will do the relevant background checks. It's not enough to call prior employers or speak with references; all of these can be faked by friends or friendly past employers.

A good employee screening service will save you lots of future headaches. When you are hiring people who are dealing with a cash business, it is imperative that you weed out any persons who have a history of theft. You could also use the service to weed out people who have a history of violence and assault. This can be an issue when hiring your bouncers. You want cool headed people who are not quick to fight.

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