Three Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Tanning Salon Visit

A visit to the tanning salon is an excellent way to get some color before a winter event, or catch up on your tan before sunny weather returns. If you have never visited a tanning salon before, you may be a little nervous. Fortunately, you have this guide to help you avoid three major mistakes.

#1: Not bringing needed gear

Every salon is different, so it's important that you find out what you need before you arrive. Some salons will provide towels and goggles, while others will expect you to bring your own or purchase them from their store. As a general guide, you will need a hair band, any modesty coverings you prefer (such as a swimsuit), and possibly a towel and goggles. If you don't have any of these items, the salon will likely have some for sale or they can point you to a place where you can find them. This is especially important if you are tanning in winter, since items like swimsuits may otherwise be hard to find.

#2: Skipping at home tanning preparation

To ensure the most even and long-lasting tan, you will need to do a bit of preparation at home. The morning of your tanning appointment, plan to take a warm shower and spend some time on your skin. This should involve a full cleansing followed by a whole body exfoliation. You can use the exfoliator method of your choice, there are both exfoliating creams and special sponges you can use to remove as much dead skin as possible. Afterward, make sure to rehydrate your skin with plenty of lotion. The removal of dead skin followed by hydration helps ensure even tanning, without any of the gray or ashiness that can occur.

#3: Failing to take it slowly

Your first visit is no time to try and achieve the perfect shade of tan. Staying in the tanning bed too long, especially if you don't already have a base tan, is a recipe for a burn. Instead, keep your first couple of visits short so you can build up a protective base tan. Also, make sure to talk to to the salon workers to find out which tanning lotions are the best option for your skin type. Many salons will work with you to develop a tanning plan, which will include lotion recommendations as well as a guideline for how long your sessions should last and how frequently you should schedule. This will help you create a tanning plan that is realistic and won't lead to injury.

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