Tips For Attracting Great Employees On A Budget

If you are a company that is just starting up, you might not have the money to offer high salaries immediately. However, you also want to be sure that you are getting good employees that will be able to get the work done. It can be difficult to attract good employees without high salaries, but there are ways to do it. Here are some tips for doing so.

1. Offer Soft Benefits

You might not be able to offer high salaries, but you can offer a variety of softer benefits. Consider making up for a lower salary with an additional week or two of paid time off. This can attract good employees that are looking for as much time to travel as possible. Offer snacks throughout the day so that employees don't have to buy their own. Make the offices comfortable and trendy. Offer ergonomic equipment for your employees so that they can be healthier and more comfortable. Have catered lunches once a pay period. All of these things cost less than offering a high salary to every employee but still ensure that you are attracting decent people.

2. Create Relationships With Universities

The next thing that you could do is create good relationships with universities nearby that offer majors in the skills that you want. They will be able to give your recruitment ad to their students and allow you to talk on campus about your job to help attract more people to the field. You will be recruiting people will less experience, but will be able to pay them less money. As they gain experience, you will likely be able to offer higher salaries, but you will at least be guaranteed to find intelligent, thoughtful people immediately.

3. Use a Staffing Agency

Use a staffing agency that will be able to help you find people that fit your needs with their wide pool of applicants. The people that they work with are already partially vetted and are therefore fairly sure to be a good match. Using a staffing agency also allows you to be hands-off with regards to recruitment and lets you focus your attention on actually running the company.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in helping companies find good people that fit their staffing needs. Be sure that you provide them with a list of all of the qualifications that you need and want employees to have.

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