Preparing Your Personal Library For Long-Term Storage

If you plan on placing some of your belongings into storage for an extended time period, and you have an extensive library of books that will be need to be packaged, you will want to take specific steps in ensuring their safety. Books that are not packaged appropriately are at risk for deteriorating due to pests and humidity levels often found in storage units. The placement of your collection in the unit will also help keep them safe. Here are some steps you can take to help protect your library from unnecessary demise.

Clean Each Book Thoroughly Before Packaging

It is important to take the time in cleaning each one of your books to remove debris from their covers and exposed page edges before you place them in an enclosure to store. This will help remove any tiny drops of moisture that may be present on them which could lead to mold or mildew as a result. Wipe down each book with a piece of cloth to whisk away tiny larvae, insect eggs, or dust. If books have layers of dust on them from not being moved in a while, use a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner attachment to remove the dust in its entirety.

Use Archival Boxes To Protect Books From Wear

Books will fare well inside boxes if they are made from acid-free paper. These containers are constructed with books and other paper products in mind and will provide ample protection from moisture. It is important to select boxes that were not used previously. A used box may have small holes or tears in the corrugation, creating an entryway for pests or humidity. Secure the lids on the boxes with heavy-duty packing tape. For added protection, consider placing the archival boxes inside plastic storage containers. These are not at risk for breaking, should something scrape against them. You can get archival boxes from many packaging supply stores.

Place The Boxes In The Correct Spot To Minimize Damage Risks

When you take your book collection to your storage unit, you will want to select the right location for their long-term resting spot. Do not place boxes directly on a cement floor as they are prone to moisture build-up if humidity is high in your unit. Instead, place the boxes on top of shelves of a shelving unit or on top of pallets to keep them out of the path of crawling insects or rodents. Plastic storage containers can be stacked on top of one another, making them a great way to save on the amount of space the books take up.

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