Ways To Raise Donations For The Food Drive That You Have Organized

If you have organized a food drive in your neighborhood and would like to inspire community members to donate items and spread the word about the cause, the following ideas can help you reach the goal that you have set. The donations can be dispersed to food pantries, schools, local churches, or any other organization that is in need of extra food.

Host A Dinner Party And Hire A Public Speaker

Sell tickets to a benefit dinner that will be held your local community center or outdoors at a park or another piece of public property. Sell each ticket for an affordable fee so that many of the people living in your neighborhood will be able to afford to attend. Purchase large vats of food from a caterer or hire a business that prepares meals for charity events. Set up large tables and chairs for attendees to use during the event.

Hire a public speaker for the event who has knowledge about hunger and areas in the world that are impoverished. If possible, choose a speaker who has encountered hardships in their past. They may inspire the audience by describing the obstacles that they have overcome. Any money that you have received for ticket sales, as well as food items that you have collected throughout the event, can be donated to businesses in need once the benefit dinner is over.

Set Up Collection Boxes At Several Locations

Set up collection boxes in areas around town where people are often seen. Place bright-colored posters on the sides of the boxes that describe the reason for the collection and how the food items will assist with hunger in the community. Request that only non-perishable food items or monetary donations are added to the boxes so that products that are at risk of spoiling are not wasted.

Set up a time each week to collect the donations from each location. Separate the contributions into equal piles and offer them to the businesses that you are supporting during the food drive.

Offer An Award To The Biggest Donor

Create fliers that announce the drive and list the addresses of each drop off location. To inspire people to donate more, offer an award to the biggest benefactor, such as certificates to a popular restaurant or tickets to a sporting event. Print the deadline for donations on each flier before hanging them all up around town. Once donations are calculated, reward the biggest donor with their prize and hand out all of the items that you have collected to the establishments that are in need of donations.

If the food drive is successful after implementing each of the ideas, consider raising funds or donations for another cause in order to help some of the people in your neighborhood.

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